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Not feeling like you are living the career you are passionate about or having the career success you deserve? As an experienced Coach, Mentor & Human Resources specialist, I can help you uncover what’s holding you back so you can increase your motivation and confidence in your ability to make a change and take back control of your career. An individual and tailored coaching program will break you out of your rut and increase your impact through:

  • Career Direction
  • Increased Confidence
  • Targeted Action

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Take control of your career in 3-steps

It is easy to lose control of your career. Maybe you have stayed in a job or company too long (I know I have before in my career) and you have career burnout. Perhaps you accepted a new position for the wrong reasons rather than searching for one that was right for you? Our careers are a huge part of our lives yet we often don’t take control to achieve our goals. What matters is that you have awareness of where your career is at and the knowledge to take control and steer yourself towards your career goals. Your career […]

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Nail your next job interview in 8 steps

Who doesn’t dread a job interview? Shut in a room with 2-3 other people all looking at you and waiting for you to answer questions that you did not expect. Job interviews are generally uncomfortable and it’s not often we leave a job interview feeling so confident that we immediately draft our resignation letter! I have over 9 years experience in internal recruitment through working in HR Management. Even with the 100’s  (or possible 1000’s) of interviews I have been on the other side of the table for, I still feel nervous at interview and at times dread them as […]

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10 steps to surviving redundancy

Redundancy is the new black Redundancy has become the new norm in Australia and it’s not unrealistic that most professionals may experience at least one redundancy during their career. I have experienced redundancy myself and since then I have provided career transition coaching to many individuals from all industries, career stages and positions over the last two years. I have also been on the other side of the table in supporting managers when advising their people they no longer have a position in the organisation. It’s a tough process for all involved. Redundancy is a personal journey For me redundancy was a positive […]

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