Fierce career coaching with Scotia Lockwood

Hello there, and welcome.

Are you feeling like your career is an a rut?

Time for a career change but not sure where to start?

Congratulations, you are in the right place! I would love to help you uncover what’s holding you back from taking control of your career and build the fierce career you deserve!

Individual and tailored coaching will break you out of your rut and increase your impact through guiding you to finding:

  • Career Direction
  • Increased Confidence
  • Targeted Action

Check out the happy clients on my Coaching page to see how I’ve helped other professional women build fierce careers.


You’re here becuase you’re ready to take back control of your career.

Who you are
An ambitious and smart professional ready to take back control of your career
What I do
Guide your passion to defining career direction and developing a career strategy
Together we will
Work together through coaching to build your fierce career

Latest Blogs

Fall back in love with your career in 30 minutes

Need to fall back in love with your career? It’s Wednesday, your alarm goes off and you curse your job making  start work an hour early today. You struggle in latte in hand and there coming straight at you is the office jerk only to tell you the early morning meeting has been rescheduled to tomorrow morning, so another early start. Starting to think what you ever loved about this job and maybe it’s time to register a and get off the treadmill? Your not alone we have all been there at some point in our career. So how […]

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Career planning post career break

It can be challenging career planning post career break. Being out of touch with your professional practice, your networks and the world of work can result in self-doubt, lack of confidence and not knowing where to start. Do not despair, as your return to work also presents the perfect opportunity to re-invent yourself and re-launch your career! The experiences you have during a career break – whether on an extended holiday, studying, raising children or anything else, will have changed your perspective so it can be the perfect time to re-asses your career against your life priorities and decide on […]

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3 Hacks to Landing your Career Sweet Spot

You’re in the lift on your way into the office on a Monday morning. You can see the other five people in the mirrored doors. Yep, everyone is feeling just like you, in dire need of a coffee to get you through the thought of another 5 day week! Hang on, what about that one guy in the back of the lift that you seem to run into each morning? He is smiling contentedly and looks like he is heading into the weekend he is so blissed out. So just what is going on with him? There is no doubt […]

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